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There are five major categories of artwork in Pickens Museum:

  • Native American Turquoise Artists

  • Oklahoma and Native American Artists

  • African-American Artists

  • African Verdite Sculpture Artists

  • Generations of Sculptors

Our art includes the following:

  • Native American Artwork

  • Turquoise Jewelry

  • Wall Art

  • Famous Artists

  • Indian Jewelry

  • Pottery

  • Paintings

  • Sculptures



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The signature category of artwork in the Museum will be the Turquoise jewelry which Doctor Pickens commissioned, collected, and purchased since her arrival in Oklahoma in 2005 through her death in 2017. Her husband Hugh Pickens has continued commissioning and purchasing turquoise jewelry since her death.

Doctor Pickens Museum of Turquoise Jewelry will encompass over 1,000 pieces of turquoise jewelry. Her collection of turquoise jewelry is considered to be one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of turquoise jewelry in the United States today.



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The second major category of art on display in the museum will be paintings, ceramics, and bronze sculptures by Native American And Oklahoma artists. Artwork will include paintings and bronzes by J. Chester Armstrong, Robin Bray, John Free. Jeff Ham, Robert Hardee, Bri Hermanson, Allan Houser, Becky Mannschreck, Ed Natiya, Clyde Otipoby, Gene Pearson, Daniel Pickens, Josué Sánchez, Scott Storm.

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Doctor Pickens grew up in a very prominent black family in North Philadelphia surrounded by art. In the 1920s Doctor Pickens grandfather Professor Norwood Shields was a close friend of Malva Gray Johnson, one of the leading painters of the Harlem Renaissance.  Johnson used to live with Doctor Pickens family and her family was able to acquire many of Johnson's paintings. 

Over the years Johnson's paintings have been collected by museums around the country and have become very valuable. However there is one painting Called “Meditation” that portrays the famous African American poet and artist Dorothy West that stayed in the family and was passed down to Doctor Pickens.

The painting is a striking portrait of author and poetess Dorothy West wearing a wedding ring while she is contemplating marrying Langston Hughes, the famous poet of the Harlem renaissance. This painting is the only painting by Malva Gay Johnson that is not in a museum. It has been passed down from generation to generation In Doctor Pickens family. 

In addition Pickens Museum has many other paintings by prominent African American artists including Woodrow Nash, Espi Frazier, Hugh Harell, Gene Pearson, and Faith Ringold. 



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Doctor Pickens and her husband have been collecting sculptures in African Verdite for the past 20 years. Verdite ia a precious stone that is mined in Zimbabwe. There is only one mine in the world that verdite it comes out of and it is almost mined out. Doctor Pickens and her husband have been able to acquire over a dozen examples of life sized busts Of African tribesmen carved in verdite. Their latest acquisition is probably the largest verdite sculpture in the world. Weighing in at 300 pounds and 200 pounds respectively Are two 3 foot tall verdite pieces depicting an African couple.



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A major category of artwork on display in the museum is a category which we call “Generations of Sculptors”. With over 200 Bronzes, sculpture will be a major component of Pickens Museum  The display on generations of sculptures concentrates on four major twentieth century sculptors: Robert Recchia, Bryant Baker, Donald De Lue, and Bill Kilpatrick and trace their lineage and show the influence of each sculptor had on the next generation.  The museum will show Generations of Sculptors and how they worked together and how they passed down their styles from generation to generation.  In addition the Pickens Museum includes major works by three other prominent sculptors of the 20th century who were contemporaries and protoges of De Lue including Paul Manship, Albert Wein, and Malvina Hoffman.

Sculptor Donald De Lue is considered one of the major American sculptors Of the 20th century. De Lue's monumental sculptures include two sculptures at the Gettysburg Battlefield, the signature sculpture at the New York World's Fair of 1964, The D-Day Normandy sculpture in France which is considered the most important sculpture commemorating a battlefield during World War 2, the Prudential life insurance sculpture In Boston Massachusetts, the Sculpture of George Washington commissioned by the Masons in Philadelphia, the sculpture of George Washington in prayer at the battlefield of Valley Forge, the sculpture of Thomas Jefferson In Jefferson County Louisiana, and many others. 

Pickens collection is the world repository for work by De Lue including over 100 working sketches by De Lue and 135 of Donald De Lue's original working sketchbooks.


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